A lot of reasons to migrate to cloud

Companies has a lot of reasons to migrate cloud. Cloud computing augments our solution flexibility, makes solutions rapidly live, make possible to innovate quickly. There are some reasons to migrate cloud;

  • Grow your business
  • Productivity
  • Experience
  • Agility
  • Cost
  • Trust

Grow your business: With cloud computing you only focus your business not your IT. Cloud has many managed services for you. You can enable any solutions when you want.

Take your solutions further with integrated cloud services, innovate fast, make your solutions agile with built in solutions, benefit from AI services.

Productivity: Productivity is fulfill more solutions with less resources. Integrate and optimize your technology with as a Service products in cloud and provide faster solutions. Don’t reinvent wheel, consume production ready services and make difference with less resources.

Experience: Modern business focused to customers heavily, focus your customer, create better, customized experiences with intelligent services.

Agile: Cloud is agile, you can be optimized with current technology and can be ready for future technology with cloud. Do not invest infrastructure innovation. Invest to your user experience, business model. Cloud has self innovation system for infrastructures.

Cost:  With Pay as you go system, use what you need, pay what you use and be ready for future. With cloud computing you don’t need to invest heavily to your capex.

Trust: Cloud is disaster ready and secure. While you transform your business and technology you will be disaster ready and secure with cloud. With security insights and click to run replication scenarios you can trust your infrastructure for any business solutions.

On your digital transformation journey you can need one or more of above. You can analyze your environment wisely and get advantage from your transformation. Optimize your cost while you migrate to cloud, don’t increase your cost with unplanned lift and shift migrations.

Our Cloud Migration Recommendations

List your inventory correctly: The first step of migration is know your assets. You should analyze your inventory completely and you should know your service dependency. Understand your needs and prioritize your migration.

Identify your requirements: You should identify your needs for migration. What is your motivation? What is your weak points? How will you migrate? What is your improvements?

You should start with hybrid infrastructure and migrate emergency systems, or start your new project with cloud and migrate all after.

Identification is most important item for your journey not to get lost in migration.

Build your basic infrastructure solutions first: For healthy cloud solutions you have to build proper basic services first like network, identity, security.

Network: Network design could be very various related to hybrid, single region or multi region structures. For continuous services you should build solid redundant network infrastructures.

Identity: While migration process you maybe required to  design your identity system one more again. While you can use your existing system with hybrid manner or you can use managed PaaS identity system on cloud.

Security: Security is process. You should design your security strategy while you migrate. You have to build identity management system, authorization systems, threat management system, incident management system.

Get ready for migration and build cloud skills: Cloud needs to be think differently. Legacy management and designs will not perform correctly. You should know cloud design patterns. Learn how to operate on cloud. How to be resource and cost effective.

Train your staff for cloud. Get cloud training’s, make proof of concept works.

Review your toolset and build new ones: You will find new and built in versions of your existing tooling on cloud. Don’t double pay your tooling. Review your monitoring, automation, security and management tooling and try cloud versions of them. Build your tooling again.

Automate your audit, compliance and security: Cloud is fast and scalable, automate your management systems for fast growing solutions. Design first clearly and use it once and again.

Our Cloud Transformation Services

Application and Infrastructure Assessment: We are assessing your existing environment and analyze your requirements. Prioritizing your migration. Advising about application and infrastructure migration strategy.

Data Center Design Services: We are designing your infrastructure for cloud. And installing your core services.

Scenario Based Cloud Workshops: We are getting ready you for cloud. Related to your business case. We are designing tailor made workshop for you. And training your staff for cloud.

Design Services: We design your cloud strategy, installation and migration. We analyze your existing and new solutions and make strategic decisions with you. Modernizing your environment with new technology and management infrastructure. We design your solutions based on industry standards and best practices.

Development Services: We develop your process, solutions and services with new technology stack on cloud.

Project Services: If you are ready to cloud we project your solutions and assign industry expert to your project and assist your for your deployment, installation, migration and development.