Nephocraft provides professional services for migration and installation of your existing or new environment.

We are analyzing your existing environment and architect best solutions for your business needs. While we are migrating your environments we are getting your environment secure, reliable, scalable and secure.

Nephocraft has certified cloud professionals for different workloads and business needs.

Nephocraft Cloud Installations and Migrations

  • As is migration with enhanced security and flexibility
  • Cost optimized migrations
  • Business focused
  • Flexible
  • Cloud oriented

Nephocraft Cloud Installations

  • Network Installations (Virtual Networks, Express Route, Traffic Manager, Load Balancer, DNS, VPN Gateway, Application Gateway)
  • Computing Resources (Virtual Machines, Containers, Kubernetes, Batch, Serverless)
  • Identitiy and Access Management ( Active Directory, LDAP, B2C Identity, Domain Services, Multi Factor Authentication, OAuth)
  • Storage Provisioning
  • Data
  • Management Solutions (Automation, Log Analytics, Security)
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Backup Management
  • PaaS Services (Data warehouse solutions, SQL, MySQL, Postgre SQL, MariaDB, No SQL, Application Services)

Nephoracraft Cloud Migrations

  • Migrates your data center
  • Resource consolidation
  • Cloud optimization
  • Cost optimization
  • High performance