Production first with Devops

DevOps Value

  • With Devops agument your IT productivity make faster productions
  • Faster deployments, new features, benefits and market value
  • Shorter project calendar
  • Less costs
  • Team consolidation
  • Less complexity
  • Better compliance and security

DevOps Benefits

  • Devops aguments your IT productivity
  • 2x productivity
  • 200x deployments
  • 24x recovery time
  • %22 less unpredictive maintenance
  • 30x faster coding time
  • 60x less bugs

DevOps: Needs Engagement End to End

Our Recommendations for your Devops Journey

  • Flexible infrastructures
  • Production first
  • Demonstration of value gained from production
  • Create customer value
  • Provide faster solutions for requirements
  • Create financial value
  • Cost optimization and reduction

Our DevOps Services

DevOps Design Services: Devops is culture. Devops can be build up with business teams, infrastructure teams, developer teams and with C-Level engagements. With Devops design services we are building Devops culture with all parties. Analyzing your infrastructure, technology and business and creating Devops oriented processes for your business.

Infrastructure as a Code: Infrastructure has to be fastest ever before. Software is eating world. Everything is code. We are building your infrastructure as a code with industry standard tooling. You can deploy your infrastructure anytime you need as a deployment.

Continuous Development: Designing standard production ready development process is very important for your solution quality. Creating Value, focusing on customer is most important thing. You should design better, faster development environments for your solutions. We are designing compliance ready, secure, automated development environments for you.

Automated Test Environment: User experience is most important thing in global competition environments. Test process is very criticial for creating better user experiences. We are designing your test environments for you.

App Monitoring: For customer experience and satisfaction your solution have to run continuously your application. With this manner you have to moniyor your applications and make proactive decisions for your solutions. Monitoring is key element for proactive solutions. We are designing application logging and monitoring infrastructures. Making decisions alerts for you.

Load Testing, Auto Scaling: You have to be ready for larger number of customers and unpredictive loads. For healthy environments you should make load tests, create auto scaled environments. We are designing your auto scaling and performance.